Remote Support

Quite often it is possible to help you solve your computer problems over the phone and internet using remote support software. This can save you the cost of a callout or the inconvenience of dropping your machine off.

A remote session consists of us talking you through downloading and running a small piece of software to enable us to share control of your computer to sort out your problems. If that's enough explanation for you, that's great, if not then this page gives a bit more information and will hopefully answer any questions and alleviate any concerns you may have.

What is a remote support session?

A remote support session is where we talk to you over the phone and at the same time share control of your computer over the internet by using a small piece of software called ShowMyPC that you run on your computer. This allows us to fix many problems on your computer without having to visit you or you having to bring your machine to us.

During a remote support session we will be able to control your mouse pointer and type on your computer, but we don't fully take over control. You can still move the mouse and type, and sometimes we will ask you to do just that.

At any point, if you feel uncomfortable with what we are doing, you can always stop sharing your computer by closing the ShowMyPC program and we can do nothing to regain access.

Is it safe?

You may be concerned at the idea of someone remotely controlling your machine, and rightly so.

We use the software called ShowMyPC because it always keeps you fully in control and only provides remote access to your machine for as long as you have the program running. This means you can stop the remote support at any time should you feel uncomfortable with what we are doing.

During the remote support session we will constantly explain what we are doing and why, in a way that you can understand.

Once the remote session has ended, nobody else, ourselves included, can access your machine unless you run the ShowMyPC program again and read the randomly generated password over the phone to them. This isn't the case with some software which is why we like to use ShowMyPC - it leaves your machine totally safe and you fully in control.

Arranging a remote support session

If you'd like to arrange a remote support session simply call us. If we're available to help there and then, and if it's convenient for you, we'll do the session with you straight away. If we're busy on another job or if you just want to book an appointment, we'll arrange a time when we will call you back.

Downloading the software

You can download the ShowMyPC software by clicking on the download button below:

Download ShowMyPC

Payment options

You can pay for a remote support session by cheque, direct bank transfer or card payment through PayPal; we'll e-mail you an invoice with all the information you need.

You can find our rates on our prices page.

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