Our Prices, Guarantees and Conditions

Our services come at what we believe are very reasonable prices and these are spelled out on this page.
Also on this page is a statement of our guarantee for work done and a statement of our limitation of liability.


If you arrange to drop your machine off with us (please see note), we simply charge you for the time worked in fifteen minute chunks.

If we need to visit you we charge a callout fee which covers the first half-hour of work and then charge a fee for each further fifteen minutes or part thereof. The callout fee includes a mileage surcharge that is based on your distance from Pegswood.

Remote support carries a charge for the initial fifteen minutes and then the usual fee for each further fifteen minutes or part thereof.

Please enter your location below to find the prices that will apply to you.

Address or postcode:
Address or postcode:
Domestic and Charity
(£34 per hour)
including home
run businesses
(£42 per hour)
Callout fee - Including mileage surcharge (£3) and the first 30 mins work £20.00
(First 30 mins for Morpeth)
(First 30 mins for Morpeth)
Remote support fee for the first 15 mins work £8.50
(First 15 mins)
(First 15 mins)
Labour charge per 15 minutes or part thereof:-
  1. For work done at your location after the initial 30 minute callout period,
  2. For work done where you have arranged to bring your computer to us,
  3. For remote support after the initial 15 minutes.

£8.50 per 15 mins
(£34 per hour)

£10.50 per 15 mins
(£42 per hour)

The further cost of any parts or software will be added to callout fee and labour charges.

Dropping machines off: If you wish to drop your machine off, please call to arrange a time as we are often out on jobs and would not want you to turn up and find nobody available to receive you.

Please note: We are not a VAT registered business so there is no VAT to add to our prices.

Payment terms

Payment is due immediately upon completion of work unless otherwise agreed, no credit terms are available. Customers with a large order for parts or software may be asked to pay part or all of the payment for parts and software up front before they are ordered.

Payment may be made by cheque, cash, PayPal, credit card using PayPal or bank transfer.

No fix, no fee

Behest Computer Services advertises a 'No fix, no fee' offer. If we are unable to diagnose or fix a problem with your computer then you will not be charged any fee except for the mileage surcharge.

If we are able to diagnose the problem and offer a solution but you decide not to take up that solution then you will be liable for any charges up to that point including callout fee, labour charges and any costs of parts or software used.

If there are multiple problems with a computer to be repaired in a job and if one or more jobs cannot be diagnosed or repaired then only the time spent attempting to diagnose and repair those problems will be free of charge, time spent successfully diagnosing and repairing other problems will be charged as normal.

The 'No fix, no fee' offer does not apply to retrieval of data that has been deleted, this is because there is a chance that your computer may have already overwritten the data making it impossible to retrieve.

Our Guarantee

1. Any work carried out replacing, removing or adding hardware is guaranteed for twelve months from the date shown on the receipt you will be given and any new parts provided are separately covered by the manufacturers' warranties. If a new part fails within the first twelve months and within the manufacturer's warranty and you provide the necessary warranty paperwork, Behest Computer Services will help obtain the replacement and perform any work necessary to replace the part free of charge.

2. Any parts reconditioned and supplied by Behest Computer Services are guaranteed for six months from the date shown on the receipt you will be given. Should a reconditioned part fail within this period you will have the option to receive a full refund covering the cost of the part that you were originally charged or to have the faulty part replaced free of charge with an equivalent reconditioned part, if such a reconditioned part is available.

3. Any work carried out installing or configuring software including the Windows operating system is guaranteed for one month from the date shown on the receipt you will be given.

Limitation of liability

1. We cannot be held responsible for infection or re-infection by viruses or other malicious software and subsequent damage caused to the system or for other software failures after we have completed our work and asked you, the customer, to sign a completed job sheet.

2. We cannot be held responsible for design flaws in software or in hardware that we supply from other manufacturers or any problems consequently caused by the use of such hardware or software except in the case where that software is written by Behest Computer Services.

3. We cannot be held responsible for faults in the hardware or software that existed before we started working on a computer.

4. If we are called back to repair a problem that we have previously fixed and the problem has recurred as a result of improper use of the computer hardware or software including modification of hardware or software configuration settings, you, the customer will be liable for all charges that are a consequence of the problem being repaired again, including callout charges, labour charges and cost of parts.

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