Internet, Broadband and WiFi Assistance

Help with New Routers

When setting up or changing your internet provider you are often just sent a new router and left to fend for yourself.

We can help you in setting up the new router, getting your computers, laptops, TVs, tablets, printers, Kindles, mobile phones and other devices all connected to your new router and help you with setting up access to any new e-mail addresses your provider may have supplied you with.

Help with Internet Problems

If things go wrong with your internet connection you may find speaking to your provider's technical support line more than a little daunting. You may also be put off by the high fees that are charged if it turns out to be a problem inside your home.

We can provide low cost help in identifying the source of the problem. If the cause is inside the home we can help isolate and often repair it. If it is your broadband provider's fault we are happy to talk to their technical support line for you to ensure that the problem is identified and resolved.

Help with Poor WiFi Signals

You may find the WiFi signal is not very reliable in some parts of your house. We can provide solutions to strengthen the signal and provide a good connection throughout your property.

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